Tuition, Payment Plans and Benefits

2021 Online ProgramDatesPrice
The Advanced Medical & Public Health InternshipAugust 2nd - August 13th, 2022$2250
The Advanced Medical Neuroscience InternshipJune 20th - July 1st, 2022$2500

2021 In-Person ProgramDatesPrice
The Advanced Law & Trial InternshipJuly 10 - July 16, 2022 or July 17th - July 23rd, 2022$3500
The Advanced Law & Trial Internship Tier IIJuly 24th - July 30th, 2022$3800
The Advanced Medical & Public Health InternshipJuly 24th - July 30th, 2022 or July 31st - August 6th$3400
The Advanced Medical Neuroscience InternshipJuly 10th - July 16th, 2022$4000
The International Leadership & Business Internship July 10th - July 16th, 2022$3250
The International Leadership & Business Internship Tier IIJuly 10th - July 16th, 2022$3400
National Security & Intelligence InternshipJuly 17th, 2022 - July 23rd, 2022$3400
Jumpstart ProgramJuly 24th - July 30th, 2022 $3200

Tuition for our program is all-inclusive. 

During the program tuition includes:

Faculty and Staff (5:1 Student to Staff Ratio) Included
Curriculum and Materials  Included
College Admissions Counseling Sessions Included
Lectures, Mentor Sessions, and Workshops Included
Academic Benefits (SAT/ACT Training, College Assistance) Included
Student Websites Included


Leadership Initiatives offers a variety of flexible options to pay for program tuition. These payment options range from paying in full at the time of enrollment to a twelve-month, zero-interest payment plan. Below are all payment options.

Pay in full: Program participants can opt to pay 100% of the tuition cost in one single payment at the time of enrolling. The tuition amount is typically charged within 72 hours of enrollment. A $100 tuition discount is applied for participants who opt to pay in full.

Payment Plans: Program participants can also pay for tuition in zero-interest monthly payments. These payment plans allow participants to pay in evenly-distributed payments over an agreed period of time. LI’s payment plans are not a loan from a financial institution or bank but do require the completion of a repayment agreement. Three, six, nine, and twelve-month payment plans are available. Participants can opt to pay the entirety of their remaining tuition balance off at any point during the payment period. Additional discounts are available for certain payment plans (see below).


Payment Discounts

Pay in full: Receive an additional $100 off the program tuition
3-Month Payment Plan: Receive an additional $50 off the program tuition
6-Month Payment Plan: Receive an additional $25 off the program tuition
9 or 12-Month Payment Plan: No additional discount

Once more than $500 towards tuition has been collected, the student will have access to one year of TestRocker SAT or ACT training, college application, essay editing and access to our mentorship program is made available within three business days.


As a 501(c)3 Non-profit all Leadership Initiatives programs are heavily subsidized by our sponsors allowing us to offer programs with academic benefits at a lower cost than for-profit institutions who do not offer them.

For our 2022 Youth Development Programs, we received additional funding opportunities from our sponsors, which include Microsoft’s Youthspark program, the Starbucks Foundation, GlobalGiving, the International Youth Foundation, TestRocker, and the Future First Foundation.

We have over $500,000 in grant money to put towards scholarship assistance for students across the nation.

This scholarship assistance will be given in the form of $500.00 Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarships. We currently have 300 Future Leader Mentorship Scholarships available on a first-come basis. These scholarships have been divided amongst our six development programs.

If you are interested in claiming one of these scholarships please register today so we can apply it towards your cost of tuition immediately.

Please Note Our Scholarships Do Not Stack. This means you cannot receive more than one scholarship to attend our summer programs.


Leadership Initiatives is dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone who shows drive, determination, and grit towards their future goals. This is why we work hard with our sponsor organizations to ensure that grant money is available for students to attend the programs we offer. We also understand that sometimes this grant money isn’t enough to allow all students who are focused on improving the world and reaching their full potential to attend without additional support.

For this reason, we have created a fundraising department dedicated to helping students obtain the means necessary to participate in one of our summer internships. If you choose the fundraising option, you will meet one-on-one with a fundraising coach who will assist you in creating a comprehensive fundraising campaign. This coach will continue to check in twice a month until you have reached your goal. You will also receive a graduated payment scale which allows you and your family time to fundraise for tuition.

In this graduated payment scale, students will only be asked to pay the deposit and set up a payment plan. The graduated fundraising payment program is designed to help students who have low incomes enroll with a deposit and sets up smaller monthly payments that rise over time to match their fundraising projections.

For those wishing to partake in a fundraising campaign with Leadership Initiatives, you must enroll by January 30th, 2022. Students who enroll sooner will have a more successful campaign due to the fact that they will have a larger amount of time to fundraise.

Leadership Initiatives is the first summer program to offer students the opportunity to work directly with a fundraising coach who will be with the student every step of the way, encouraging and guiding them to reach their fundraising goals.

We know fundraising can seem like a daunting task but don’t worry, it is a lot easier than many think. Fundraising will hone the student’s communication skills, teaching them how to express ideas, showcase their values, and motivate others towards a specific goal.

Our Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Program Campaign Manual has been specially designed for students participating in our 2022 Virtual Programs and will teach participants how to galvanize additional support from family, friends, neighbors, and the community where the student lives.

If you have any questions before about our fundraising program, fundraising coach or the process feel free to email Jessica Bailly, our Youth Development Programs Director at, or set up a question and answer session by going to and select the fundraising coach question and answer session option. If you have immediate questions you can also call our Customer Support Team at 202-738-1115.

You can select to participate in our fundraising coach and campaign program by selecting the fundraising campaign option when enrolling here.

Once again for those wishing to partake in a fundraising campaign with Leadership Initiatives, you must enroll by January 30th, 2022. Students who enroll sooner will have a more successful campaign due to the fact that they will have a larger amount of time to fundraise.